What we eat, how we sleep, exercise, work, rest and recreate ourselves has enormous influence on our sense of self. A more robust sense of self provides the solid ground, safety and stability for optimal health and enjoyment in life and in relationships. The experience of joy, energetically and emotionally, is life giving for ourselves and for people around us.

We at Nautilus Health value listening and working with you to achieve optimal health and well-being by treating you as whole beings. This means we each have a body, mind, emotions and a spirit – interrelated and interactive, capable of self healing, self regulation, growth and change.

Notice of Closure

Jennifer and Ray have made a decision to move to Western Australia on July 16. Together they have had the privilege to work in the North Queensland community for 35 years and thank you for supporting, encouraging and participating in this model of health care. For further information relating to your circumstances please click on the Notice of Closure button below.

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Our Services


Listen... Repair... Reclaim...

Looking after generations of family is important to us. Pausing and listening is the first step to more empowered choices. We offer a range of unique therapies to help you make these choices.

Jennifer Mullen is a psychotherapist who encourages you to listen to your body to discover your enormous capacity and potential for growth and change.
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Harry Normand is a Remedial Massage Therapist who will optimise your treatment outcome by teaching you simple ways to maintain results as you work through a series of treatments.
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Whole... Optimal... Health...

We look after you and your family’s health and consider that the one health problem you are aware of may often result of a number of intertwining causes.

Dr Mullen is a Medical Practitioner who enjoys working with you in partnership to resolve what is between you and optimal health and wellbeing.
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Be... Breathe... Move...

Yoga is union between our being and doing self and involves.

Meditation, being still and witnessing.
Pranayama, breathing.
Asana, movement into poses.

Jennifer teaches Vinyasa Krama yoga for strength, flexibility and healing.Read more…

Ray teaches Vinyasa Krama yoga for stretching to support strength and flexibility when combined with other forms of exercise.
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We are a private fee paying practice offering time with your practitioner. We therefore require 7 days notice to reschedule your appointment.