Yoga is union between our being self and doing self with three essential elements.

Meditation is being with self, and witnessing. Pranayama is breathing for health and movement. Asana is movement into poses.

We offer the Moon Sequence as a first practice because it increases awareness of the body and it’s relationship to the seasons and the moon. The essence of Vinyasa Krama yoga is breath and continuous movement that can be modified for most physical difficulties and for students of any age.  It’s great for women and men, and it is suitable for pregnancy with modifications.


Group Classes


If you’ve never done yoga we recommend 3-5 private sessions, or alternatively participation in a workshop or introductory course.

Vinyasa Krama classes are on Wednesdays and Fridays.

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You can also pre-purchase packages of 6 sessions for $100 or 12 sessions for $200. To read more about or purchase a package, please click here.

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Private Session


This is a unique opportunity to learn Yoga to build strength strength and flexibility at your own pace.

Sessions include breathing, meditation and movement. In three sessions you can learn the beginners Moon Sequence in preparation to join group classes. Many people prefer private sessions over a longer period of time to support a home practice and learn other sequences.


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Ray and Jennifer run workshops over 2 days to introduce the Moon Sequence.  The workshop offers a 6 hour exploration of the sequence, over 2 days, including an explanation and experience in 6 key postures, meditation and breathing and questions.


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