Yoga – Ray

Going to my mat 3-4 times a week is enough to maintain my cardio vascular health, muscle resistance and flexibility and bring balance to other forms of exercise I enjoy.  Because yoga is an embodied experience I’m taking take better care of myself and I don’t push myself to the point of injury.

I am a certified by Matthew Sweeney to Teach the Moon Sequence and Primary Series Yoga. For more information see Matthew Sweeney’s Yoga Temple Website.

The Moon Sequence is a good first practice because it is gentle, it takes pressure off upper body, shoulders and wrists and places more emphasis on the lower body, lower spine and hips.  It’s slower, more meditative and teaches good breathing.  Primary series places more emphasis on the upper body, forwards bends and inversions.

Jennifer and I offer a gentle workshop immersion into breath, meditation and movement into six key postures, with time for discussion of health benefits and modifications.  We recommend three private sessions, as an alternative if you’ve never done yoga before and cannot make the workshop schedule, in preparation for joining one of our regular classes.