Yoga – Jennifer

I came to yoga with an injury and I now enjoy life without this physical tension, and I’ve learnt to attend to myself in a thoughtful loving way. Yoga is a time to be, breathe and move before I begin my day with others.

By listening to my body, I settle my nervous system, move and free my body of tensions and have more understanding of my responses to external events. Yoga is coming home to ourselves and being in relationship in a more trusting way.

I am a certified to teach the Moon Sequence, Vinyasa Flow and Primary Series Yoga. For more information see Matthew Sweeney’s Yoga Temple Website.

I like the Moon Sequence as a first practice because it is gentle and places more emphasis on the lower body, lower spine and hips. It’s slower, more meditative and teaches good breathing.

It can be adapted to any injury state and suitable for most ages. Vinyasa flow can be tailored for specific needs and injury states. Primary series places more emphasis on the upper body, forwards bends and inversions.Ray and I offer a gentle workshop immersion into breath, meditation and movement into six key postures, with time for discussion of health benefits and modifications. I recommend three private sessions if you’ve never done yoga and cannot make the workshop schedule, in preparation for joining our regular class on Friday.