Voice Dialogue Training – Jennifer

What is it?

Voice Dialogue is a self-development methodology created by Drs Hal and Sidra Stone based on the Theory of the Psychology of Selves and Aware Ego Process that uses commonly accepted understandings of human development. It is both a self-help tool because it brings awareness to the part of ourself “in the drivers seat” and it is used by professionals as an adjunct method in consultations and human resource environments.  It is a facilitation process that offers a more dynamic way of embracing life.

The goals of Voice Dialogue are outlined in this video by Hal Stone.

About the Trainers 

Ray and Jennifer have worked in relationship with Hal and Sidra Stone and other facilitators over 17 years.  They completed further Training with Tamar Stone specifically designed to train others as facilitators of Voice Dialogue.

Who would Benefit?  

Level One Training is open to professionals in the health and service industry. It offers an opportunity to learn more about your primary personality, and discover the opposites that may want more expression and offer another way to look at any problem, issue or concern. On completion of this course you will have a more robust understanding of your own Self System, and will have fulfilled the basic criteria for more advanced courses and workshops in Voice Dialogue. See http://delos-inc.com/

Level One Training is 40 hours can be held over consecutive weekends to suit schedules or over 5 days for groups of 10-12 people.

Expressions of interest from groups of six or more are welcome.