Nicole Pierotti


I have been a psychologist for over 22 years, specialising in baby sleep and child behaviour for the past twelve.

I started out in a private practice in a small rural town of Ayr. Working in this trusted role in a close-knitted community required me to be multi-skilled and think very differently about how I could contribute not only to my clients’ health, but also extend this to the well-being of the community. These diverse experiences served as ‘building blocks’ for my current work with parents, babies and children.

Having 3 children of my own, I am well accustomed to both the struggles and rewards of parenthood. I use a combination of academic insights and maternal wisdom to help parents conquer the challenges they face when raising babies and small children.

I have developed a range of practical techniques to restore balance to the world of sleep, by helping parents understand more about what babies need, how they communicate and how to help their baby sleep. My first book BabyCare: Caring for your Baby has been published along with a DVD for new parents. I love to work with proactive parents, to teach and guide them to manage and prevent difficult behavior in their children rather than correct behavioral issues later. As well as coaching for parents, I work directly new mums and also with children of various ages on a variety of issues. My website contains further information about my work, as well as useful articles and resources for parents.

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