Jennifer Mullen

BA Social Sciences, Dip Ed, Dip PM, Master of Mental Health - Psychotherapy

I am a psychotherapist with qualifications in Nursing, Teaching, Social and Psychological Sciences, Yoga, Body Centred Psychotherapy, and Mental Health. I have seeing clients in therapy since 1998 and completed my Masters in Mental Health, Psychotherapy at UQ School of Medicine in 2009.

My approach is helpful for individuals and couples who want to understand more about tension, exhaustion, anxiety and depression from an integrative perspective, and how to make changes that are both beneficial to the body and satisfying in relationships.

I listen to you holistically. This means I help you become aware, attentive and considerate of tensions and trauma’s that cause disease in your body, mind, sprit and emotions.

In your initial consultation I ask what brings you to therapy.  I will help you become more aware of the threads of your story and your body’s story. You don’t have to have a big problem to see me as the work we do can help you in all of life’s challenges. I recommend the number and type of sessions accordingly, and you are free to determine this.
I work psycho dynamically and may also use an approach called Voice Dialogue, Psychology of Selves to help you discover what is not being said when tensions emerge.

It is common to complete between 6 and 12 sessions for the specific issue you bring to therapy. Some people choose to work for longer in order to make lasting changes in more areas of their life.

I may suggest a Rubenfeld Synergy Session. In these sessions you are fully and comfortably clothed, lying on a table. Gentle touch is used with verbal expressions to guide you through an awareness of habitual holding and tensions in your body. The work is both gentle and powerful in accessing habitual patterns and beliefs. In this work, my role is as a guide evoking awareness and highlighting tensions. Often change occurs because the body relaxes when the right path comes to you by accessing your innate healing wisdom where the ultimate responsibility for change rests with you. Please indicate your preference for these sessions at any time.

I’m interested in helping you nourish and heal yourself. I teach yoga and meditation as a self-reflection and healing practice and may recommend it at the end of our psychotherapy relationship rather than concurrent with it.

Self Healing

While it is helpful to work with a professional therapist to understand and repair tensions and issues, it is also important for you to learn to be your own therapist. A daily practice of quiet listening and gentle movement to unravel tensions and holding is a good first step.

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Voice Dialogue

Voice Dialogue  is a lovely way of working with the many selves that make up each of us, learning how parts of our personality developed or what didn’t get developed. When we experience conflict within ourselves it is usually because these two parts are wanting our attention.

Listening to each part can resolve these conflicts, allow us to feel more centered within these natural polarities and navigate our world with more integrity, awareness and choice.

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Yoga and Meditation

Jennifer is a certified teacher of the moon sequence, vinyasa flow and primary series yoga.  She is inspired to teach a combination of pranayama, meditation and yoga as a form of self healing.

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