Dr Ray Mullen

M.B.B.S, Dip R.A.C.O.G, FRACGP, Cert Integrative Medicine

I am a general medical practitioner with an interest in integrative and family medicine. My approach is helpful for patients who want to understand more about their health holistically and how to use this knowledge to make changes that are both beneficial to their health and creates a more satisfying and sustainable lifestyle. I work with best available medical evidence in both conventional and complementary approaches to use nutrition, supplementation, and lifestyle interventions more effectively.

I completed my medical degree at the University of Western Australia. I worked at Fremantle Hospital, Princess Margaret Hospital and King Edward Memorial Hopsital and gained a post graduate qualifications in Obsetrics, Gynaecology and Family Medicine. I obtained my Fellowship and examiner of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (FRACGP) and member of the Australian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (ACNEM).

Integrative approaches are particularly useful in dealing with fatigue and exhaustion syndromes, hormone imbalances, auto-immune diseases, allergies and fibromyalgia. They can also provide adjunctive care in recovering from major illness and cancers.

I consider the impact of environmental and emotional stress on your body and it’s impact on aging. I believe in the positive health benefits of joy and connection as part of your recovery. Your readiness to change is discussed and you are welcome to bring questions.

Your first visit with me is 50 minutes. This allows me time to review your health information and get to know you, with enough time for a physical and lifestyle examination, medical diagnosis and development of a treatment plan. If you are healthy and you not on medication I encourage you to see me annually to review your health. I use this time to get to know you in good health, look proactively at your lifestyle, environmental and emotional factors. It’s also a good opportunity for you to ask questions that allow you to become more proactively involved in your health.

I may recommend investigations not covered by Medicare that provide a profile of your gut health and/or hormone status. Your treatment may then involve a careful monitoring and adjustments to specific combinations of nutritional supplementation, bio-identical hormone replacement, and your attention to lifestyle changes that can restore your body’s capacity to heal itself.

Allow 30 minutes for acupuncture treatments, and schedule sessions in advance. Allow quiet time afterwards to maximise benefits and tell me when you notice lasting changes.

I teach yoga as a self-reflection and healing practice. I believe it is valuable complementary form of exercise for strength and flexibility in addition to your normal exercise program.


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Looking After Your Family

At Nautilus Health we look after generations within families – from grandparents to great grandchildren. Research shows that while our health is genetically determined we can positively influence our genetics by looking after our health, encouraging our family to look after their health and maximise the health of future generations.

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Integrative Medicine

Dr Mullen is a general practitioner who integrates conventional medical wisdom with diet, nutrition, supplementation, lifestyle and exercise providing an approach to restoration of your unique health based on the most appropriate, safe and evidence-based modalities available.

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Ray is a certified teacher of moon sequence and primary series yoga. He is inspired to teach a form of stretching to support strength and flexibility as a compliment to other forms of exercise.

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Main Consultation Types

New patient
50 minutes

For adults and children under 12 with complex health issues or pre-existing medical diagnosis. This consultation allows time for examination, history, treatment plan and review of lifestyle.

New patient – child
From 20 minutes

Allows time for examination, history, treatment plan and review of lifestyle.

Health Review
20–30 minutes

For an adult patient with complex health issues using an integrative approach requiring specialised testing and treatment and life style strategies.

Annual Health review
30 minutes

For an otherwise well adult patient in age groups requiring skin checks, age specific screening results and preventative health strategies in one consultation.

Results Follow Up
10 minutes

For patients requiring follow up of one health concern or results that may require treatment changes or referral.

Acute problem
10 minutes

For one acute problem such as injury, sudden or contagious illness requiring same day or next day care before your next Health Review. Call reception early in the day.

Skin Check/Excision
10–20 minutes
Intravenous Vitamins
30 minutes

IV and medical acupuncture requires a medical assessment prior to treatment. This service offered to existing patients only. See Topics of Interest for benefits.

Home Visit
As Required

Home visits are an integral part of our care whenever access to the practice is difficult because of illness or disability. (A mileage fee is incurred for visits Home visits are an integral part of our care whenever access to the practice is difficult because of illness or disability. (A mileage fee is incurred for visits outside 5 kilometres). Call reception early in the day. Planned home visits occur on Wednesday afternoons.