Self Healing – Jennifer

Pausing and listening to our body is an essential starting point for healing because our body’s habits are our mind’s habits, and our mind habits are linked to our dis “ease” whether it be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. This is because emotions and memories are stored in our body and show up as tensions, aches and pains that cause us to feel chronically tired, emotionally drained and disconnected.

A session of quiet listening using the body as a doorway into the self can be a good starting point when there are no words for your experience, and anxiety or exhaustion is a key symptom. These sessions are based on the work with teachers, like Ilana Rubenfeld, who understand that the body is our sub-conscious mind and developed ways to access it’s wisdom. See Ilana’s video.

Jennifer uses psychotherapy to encourage understanding, integration and creative adaptions to trauma, grief, situational crisis, depression and anxiety.  These sessions are based on her studies in attachment theory, art therapy, psychoanalytic theory, family therapy and self psychology. See Masters program at UQ.

A Voice Dialogue session may also be recommended as a creative way to understand tensions and struggles that cause conflict within ourselves.  These sessions are based on Jennifer’s relationship work with Hal and Sidra Stone over 17 years. See Hal and Sidra’s Website

Your first session is 80 minutes and involves telling me what brings you to therapy and agreeing some goals including type and length of therapy. Ongoing contact can be for up to ten sessions for the one issue you bring, and more if you choose to explore more lasting changes. Sessions are usually fifty minutes and longer for couples or people who travel some distance to see me.