Looking After Your Family – Ray

At Nautilus Health we look after generations within families – from grandparents to great grandchildren. Research shows that while our health is genetically determined we can positively influence our genetics by looking after our health, encouraging our family to look after their health and maximise the health of future generations.

The one health problem you are aware of is often the result of a number of intertwining causes; and we want to work with you to discover the best ways to improve and restore your health over your lifetime. We encourage you to schedule your Health Reviews based on these factors.  We want you to use this time to you discuss your health, dietary concerns, lifestyle, mental and emotional adjustments. We use these visits to monitor medication, supplementation, nutrition; and conduct opportunistic screening (Cholesterol, pap smears, prostate checks, and skin checks), and review the role of other health care providers.

We provide pregnancy planning and shared Antenatal Care, Post-Natal, New Born, Childhood and Adolescent Care and believe these are crucial times for assessing welbeing of parents and children. Good health is when the whole body works in harmony and number of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual factors may contribute to disharmony. A lifestyle change, period of sudden growth or a family crisis may be a good time to review your health and adjustment to these changes in order to minimize the long-term impact of these stresses.

We recommend your child’s health is reviewed at the time of providing childhood immunization to assess good health and readiness for the vaccine, their optimal growth and development milestones. At these visits we also discuss your child’s diet, emotional adjustment and lifestyle issues.

We provide same day and next day appointments when you or your child is suddenly unwell or has an accident or injury.  Please call reception early in the day and state the nature of your concern.  Alternatively if the matter can wait you can book online for a next day visit.