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We know that an unhealthy diet, lack of exercise or little recreation time can lead to imbalances in your biochemistry and eventually to disease. Research also shows that environmental and emotional stress negatively impacts our body, and therefore our health and accelerates the aging process. On top of this our environment contains more chemical challenges and pollutants than ever before, and we live a high paced life where it is possible to ignore symptoms. An integrative approach is a medical model that actively considers these challenges and encourages good choices for prevention and treatment of disease states before they cause major health issues.

Dr Mullen is a general practitioner who integrates conventional medical wisdom with diet, nutrition, supplementation, lifestyle and exercise providing an approach to restoration of your unique health based on the most appropriate, safe and evidence-based modalities available

Your first consultation allows enough time to include a detailed history, examination where investigations may be arranged to determine your diagnosis and/or management plan. In some cases with your permission these investigations provide a detailed gut profile that is not covered by Medicare. Specific combinations of vitamin, mineral and nutritional supplementation and bio-identical hormone replacement may be prescribed for both men and women to treat symptoms. Where symptoms are present your body’s capacity to return to normal is monitored, and adjustments to supplementation monitored as you return to optimal health. Lifestyle interventions may be an important part of your recovery. Your readiness to change is discussed and you are welcome to bring questions.

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Medical Acupuncture

The government introduced rebates for medical acupuncture in 1982. Dr Mullen has been a recognised RACGP and HIC accredited Medical Acupuncturist since 1985. Dr Mullen only provides medical acupuncture to existing patients, because a medical practitioner, he must rule out a more serious health concern or disease state.

Acupuncture treats disease states by influencing points on meridians or lines of energy interconnecting across the body. It is most commonly performed by inserting fine needles at a number of points whilst the patient rests fully or partially clothed for 30 minutes. A series of 8-10 sessions may be recommended.

Acupuncture has been shown to effectively treat conditions including sinusitis, allergy, back and joint pain, acute injury, nausea in pregnancy, smoking cessation, anxiety and stress reduction, shoulder pain, fybromyalgia, shingles and migraines. Patients can experience a number of benefits simultaneously and often report a significant reduction in physical, emotional, mental and spiritual stress following Acupuncture.