Notice of Closure

We (Ray & Jennifer) have made the decision to return to Western Australia.

Many of you know that this is the home of our extended family. Whilst we have considered transition to retirement, we’ve only come to this conclusion in terms of timing over the past 2-3 days.

We are ceasing trading as Nautilus Health on June 30th 2021.

To Ray’s Patients,

We will continue seeing patients who are scheduled or who wish to be scheduled up until July 16th, 2021. If you like a face to face consultation with Ray to discuss your ongoing care arrangements, please call the practice to schedule or reschedule your appointment immediately.

For new patients who have seen Ray recently for integrative care only, we have already discussed the use of telehealth to continue your care. Ray is available for telehealth at Nautilus Health until July 16th and at his new practice in Western Australia from July 26th, 2021. New patients yet to be seen please contact the practice and arrange your care before July 16th, 2021. Alternatively, if you decide not to be seen, please leave details to process a refund of your prepayment.

Ray’s new practice address is Applecross Medical Centre  He encourages all of you to develop a relationship with a general practitioner locally and would also welcome contact from any patient who may be seeking integrative and proactive care if you believe you could arrange face to face consultation annually to meet HIC and best practice guidelines. 

Ray knows that some of you already have a relationship with a general practitioner for everyday care and he encourages others to make arrangements as soon as possible. If you would like your records transferred, please arrange for your GP to complete and send a transfer of records request before June 30th to There is no fee to complete this request. This is usually all that is required by your new general practitioner as results and investigations can be obtained online, if required. The cost of the full record is $50.  Once Ray ceases practice at this location he will archive your record and he is only obligated to release it if required in a court of law.

It has been a privilege to work with you over the 35 years Ray has been in practice in Townsville.  He has enjoyed working with so many generations of your families. Ray has especially enjoyed developing his skills and knowledge in integrative medicine alongside general practice and wish you health, prosperity and happiness in the future.

To Jennifer’s Clients,

Jennifer will continue seeing clients already scheduled up until July 7th 2021, including Yoga.  Please call the practice to schedule or reschedule your sessions accordingly.

As Jennifer is intending to practice both yoga therapy and psychotherapy in Western Australia, she is open to continuing your care by Zoom to continue or complete our work together for the best outcome.  If you would like to schedule further session’s, let reception know before June 30th 2021 and Jennifer will provide you with the best means of communication moving forward.

Jennifer has enjoyed working with many of you over almost 25 years.  She has particularly enjoyed meeting you during the many and varied transitions in her professional development from Meditation Teacher to Rubenfeld Synergist, Voice Dialogue Facilitator, Psychotherapist, Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist.  She has witnessed your growth as you have witnessed hers. Jennifer wishes you love, kindness, compassion and joy.


Ray and Jennifer Mullen