COVID-19 Update 3

Thank You!

Thank you for co-operating so beautifully with the restrictions.

We are also grateful to our practice team for providing safe care with a sense of humor and willingness to adapt to new circumstances. Although we remained open for our normal hours, we had some odd Telstra NBN issues. Thank you for your patience with these digital issues.

Use of MailChimp for COVID-19 Updates

MailChimp is our preferred method of delivering essential health information to you.

We apologise to those of you who have previously unsubscribed from MailChimp. We are required to continue to keep all patients updated with essential health information.

Fee Increase

There will be a fee increase from July 1st.  Long standing patients please speak directly to your practitioner in regard to your circumstances, if concerned.

Practice Hours and Services

Monday – Thursday: 
8.30am -12.30pm and 1.30pm – 4.30pm
8.30am – 12.30pm
Yoga is on Fridays at 6.45am – 8am.
Please confirm your attendance with reception or Jennifer in your usual way as numbers are limited.
Harry has recommenced Massage Therapy on Thursdays.
Jennifer is offering Psychotherapy and Yoga Therapy by appointment.


Our practitioners are on leave from Monday, October 5 until Friday, October 9. Please ensure you schedule your planned appointments accordingly.


Scheduling planned care

As care arrangements return to normal, please schedule your planned care before you leave the practice, or with at least 3 weeks notice. We want to make sure our regular patients have timely access before we open our appointment schedule to new patients waiting to be seen.  Planned consultations are usually discussed with you at your first consultation and with any new treatment plan. They include reviewing of your health condition, arranging medication, referrals, preventative activities, skin cancer care, excisions and immunisations.   

Please also respond promptly to reminders and recalls so that we can accommodate you into the appointment schedule in a timely fashion and before your medications become due.  

Acute Care

If you have a medical emergency call 000 and go directly to Townsville Hospital. If the matter can wait until we reopen, you are welcome to go online and choose the next “Acute” consultation. We usually reserve 5 of these appointments for the same day and next day. If you call early in the day our reception team will triage your health concern and allocate one of these appointments to you.

Acute care includes injury, sudden illness or a new and worrying symptom. Dr Mullen usually discusses what to do in your situation. Please use these when necessary and if you feel better overnight call early to cancel so we can offer the time to someone else.

COVID-19 Care

There is still a small probability you may come into contact with this pandemic.
Please don’t use our online booking system for COVID-19 related illness. 
Please follow the above advice in regard to emergency care and call us directly so that we can arrange to consult with you safely.

A Telehealth consultation is helpful for timely care and advice where the practitioner deems an in-person consultation and examination is not required. To help with keeping our team and patients safe please continue to maintain safe social distancing. Call reception to schedule a Telehealth appointment and for further instructions.

Care Policy

Our Care Policy explains the the best way to access our care arrangements.