COVID19 Update 1

The COVID19 Government Health Directives are changing rapidly and we want to share with you what we have been advised as a practice and remind you of what you have been told through the media.

It is most import that you continue attending to your regular and preventative health care planning. This includes exercise and recreation. When you attend gatherings for these activities ensure adequate measures are in place to protect you. It is quite safe to attend the practice for your health care visits; and we ask that you follow the following measures during these visits:

  • Wash your hands on arrival using hand gel provided at the counter or basin along the hall to toilets;
  • Dispose of tissues after use in bins provided;
  • Bring your own water or use paper cups provided;
  • Sit in family groups in one of the 4 separate waiting areas;
  • If you are unwell for one of these visits call before attending your appointment to alert us.

If you have travelled to a country considered to pose a risk of transmission within 14 days, have had close contact with someone with a confirmed case of COVID19 or you have a fever or acute respiratory infection (shortness of breath or cough) with or without a fever, please phone 4721 2022 immediately for an appointment. You will be directed to either a phone consultation, or face to face appointment, depending on your distance from the practice and your symptoms. 

In either circumstance please read the following information carefully.
If a medical practitioner determines that you should be tested, then you must be managed as a suspect case.  This means:

  • If you require an immediate face to face consultation we ask you to wait in a separate consulting room for your privacy and comfort;
  • If you have symptoms our staff will wear a mask and ask you to do the same;
  • You will follow medical advice that may include admission to hospital or present at the designated testing site for immediate testing;
  • Your practitioner is required to report suspect cases to the Queensland Government including location of your self quarantine;
  • Following this you must self quarantine pending results (48-72 hours). This means using a separate room and toilet and protecting loved ones from close contact;
  • You may be symptomatic during this time so its important to following medical advise for symptoms, rest, sip water regularly and nourish yourself;
  • A regular breathing practice and if possible gentle movement practice that fills the lungs and relaxes your system is ideal;
  • If you test as positive, please follow further instructions for your care.


Please don’t use our online booking system for COVID19 related illness.  If you call us directly we can more accurately assess the nature of your illness and triage your care.  If experience severe symptoms after hours call 000 and advise the operator if you think you may be a COVID19 suspect. 

Our Services

QML have contracted their services to larger outlets and will not operate at Nautilus Health until April 19.
Harry Normand has made a decision not to provide massage therapy services until April 14.
Yoga class is suspended this week and ongoing classes will be assessed as updates are posted.  Please practice at home!
All our other services have been assessed for risk and are operating normally.


In order to provide essential services, our practitioners have cancelled leave dates until further advice is available.

Care Policy

Refer to our Care Policy for more information on how to access our care arrangements.