New Patients

We welcome individuals and families who value proactive approaches to their health care, and wish to develop a relationship with us over time.

There is normally a two week waiting period for new medical patient appointments because we monitor appointment availability for our regular patients. This is why we ask that once you are a patient you schedule all your planned appointments such as Health Reviews and Acupuncture in advance, and give us 7 days notice when rescheduling. This also enables us to ensure there are times available for more acute care when you are unwell.

Your first appointment is an extended time where all your health concerns, family history and lifestyle factors are considered. To make the most of this time read your new patient information carefully and take time to complete the health questionnaire.

All our medical practitioners provide the same new patient service for your benefit and the benefit of another practitioner in the practice who may see you from time to time.

Jennifer offers psychotherapy with or without a referral and there are no third party entitlements. Duration is usually based on what you bring to sessions and you are welcome to self-determine the length and duration of sessions.

Nicole Pierotti Of Baby Smiles offers infant child and parental psychology services to new patients and clients with or without a referral or mental health plan.

Sally O’Brien offers clinical psychology services on Wednesdays particularly for patients referred by Dr Mullen.

We thank patients and colleagues who refer patients, clients, family and friends, and we are grateful for your clear explanation of what we are all about. Word of mouth is our best, most preferred and effective form of promotion.

Please call 07 47212022  to request an appointment.