Contact with your Practitioner

  • Our preferred means of communication is by phone so that our reception team can triage your request and make an appointment in a timely fashion.
  • If you have an agreed treatment plan with your practitioner for further review you can go on line and book a Health Review on our website.
  •  If you have an emergency that can’t wait call 000 and go directly to Townsville Hospital.  If you require a next day acute care appointment you can also book online.  Discuss what you should do in advance for acute care with your practitioner.
  • Use our email communication for general enquiries only unless your practitioner has specifically requested that you to send medical information as part of your treatment plan.

Results and Follow up Care

Most investigative results where you have a medical condition require discussion of further treatment options with your practitioner.  Please make your appointment for followup care at the time your practitioner arranges the investigation and provide notice if you need to reschedule or develop new symptoms.

Inability to pay is not a good reason to cancel an appointment particularly if there is an outstanding medical matter or a need for medication.  It is best to talk directly to your practitioner about timely care and payment options.