The Vitamin D Story

Research shows up to 60 % of Australians are Vitamin D deficient.

Deficiency is associated with many cancers (including melanoma, breast and colon cancer), diabetes, cardiovascular disease, autoimmune disorders, osteoporosis, recurrent infections, mood disorders and depression.

Vitamin D deficiency has increased because of:

  • Our aging population – levels drop to 70 % by 80 years.
  • Institutionalized aged care
  • Sun avoidance and sunscreen use
  • Obesity
  • Work and Entertainment Indoors
  • Air pollution

Sun exposure to 25% of our body after 3.30 pm for 8-10 minutes in summer and 16-20 minutes in winter 3 times a week is required for adequate levels of vitamin D synthesis.

Research shows that UV sun exposure increases the risk of skin cancers however what has not been considered is the disease burden described above is 10 times more likely because of inadequate exposure to sunlight.

Your levels can be assessed with a simple fasting blood test. Please ask at your next Health Review for more information and advice in relation to your situation.