Harry Normand

I am a remedial massage therapist, trained at the London School of Sports Massage in 2005. Combined with an old engineering degree and biomechanical studies through the Chek Institute in San Diego, I offer a unique approach to restoring true functional movement to joints. I moved into this field a little bit by accident, as I had to find a way to recover from a major hip injury of my own.

Out of the many massage techniques available, I have found the technique that I use to be the most practical and effective at achieving lasting relief of long-held postural tension. You can expect to develop smoother movement over a course of a few treatments, as we unwind layers of postural ‘compensation’ and restore your old movement patterns.

I will likely suggest a couple of simple, low-intensity exercises to practice between treatments. These are designed to ‘hold’ the changes that we make on the table, so that your next treatment can advance the work further.

After a short series of treatments, the exercises will give you some understanding of how to fix yourself of minor pains. Of course at that stage you begin to view life quite differently – it’s easier to say “yes” to more opportunities in life if you’re no longer worried how sore you might be the following day!

I’ve lived and operated my own massage clinic in Townsville for nearly 10 years now, which gives me plenty of chances to test my own hip rehab on the hard concrete tennis courts and out on the mountain bike trails around town.